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Professional Services of Collector Car Appraisals

We cannot ethically "wear two hats" at the same time and we do not personally have any interest in buying vehicles that we appraise. However, above and beyond our appraisal service, we offer several others services in the automotive industry. Whatever your needs in the automotive car field, we should be able to assist you. Not only are we familiar with automotive values (vintage to modern), we have personally:

  • been involved in the restoration business
  • dealt with major transporters worldwide
  • helped arrange financing
  • can even help you find, buy, or sell the vehicle of your choice

For those wishing to purchase a vehicle, we can negotiate on your behalf, which in many cases can potentially save you thousands of dollars over the sellers' original asking price. Our "auction" experience can be invaluable to our clientele whether it be on the internet, thru eBay or in person at a live auction - we can help you. We offer various internet services for those who want to buy or sell but do not have the time or do not want to handle it personally.

All in all, if it involves a vehicle, collector type or other, you can depend on our professionalism and expertise. Even though one would feel that this amount of experience and expertise warrants a considerably higher fee than other appraisers across the country, we are competitively priced and in many cases more reasonably priced than others with lesser credentials or experience. In most cases, Mr. Lazarus personally oversees each and every appraisal and documents it's authenticity by his personal signature.

Although primarily a midwestern based company based out of Rockford, IL, our services are available anywhere in the world. We can handle appraisals by mail order, Internet, videotape, or personal inspection & are ready and willing to travel. We have the flexibility to meet the requirements of our customers. We look forward to assisting you whatever your desire is in the automotive field.

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