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The Expertise of Collector Car Appraisals

In the last 35+ years, major insurance companies, attorneys, lending institutions, automobile dealers and collectors worldwide, have recognized our appraisals. As consultants, our opinions are called upon daily. Since we have been in business more years than many appraisers are in age, our knowledge and experience are "virtually unquestioned".

  • The N.A.D.A. (National Automobile Dealers Association) "Classic, Collectible and Special Interest Appraisal Guide and Appraiser's Directory" selected us a number of years ago to act in our capacity as an advisor to their book. Our name is listed worldwide in the front of aforementioned book and we are called upon to review and critique their value guides before such are printed and sold to the public.
  • Many years ago when the International Society of Appraisers was established, Mr. Lazarus acted as their "unofficial" advisor in the collector car field. Although, we still work with many of it's members worldwide and have attended workshops, it has grown many fold over the years and is not the same close-knit society we once knew. Its base of operations was changed from the Midwest to Seattle, Washington when its founder Mr. Maurice Frey retired a few years ago. The I.O.S.A. is instrumental in spearheading programs to set standards for personal property appraisers throughout the world. Our credentials are updated on a regular basis through the I.O.S.A. and other programs and seminars.

There are few, if any, collector car appraisers that have the experience and knowledge possessed by Mr. Lazarus. We have the ability and credentials to best serve our clients needs in the capacity as an "expert witness" and have represented clients nationwide. "Diminished Value" is well within our expertise for those with vehicles with collision or theft history.

Over the years we have joined most major car clubs and organizations and have conducted business with other collectors maintaining memberships in car clubs including but not limited to:

  • The Antique Automobile Club of America (A.A.C.A.)
  • The Classic Car Club of America (C.C.C.A.)
  • The Rolls Royce Owners Club
  • The Auburn-Cord-Duesenberg Club (A.C.D.)
  • The Veteran Motor Club
  • The Milestone Car Society
  • The Buick Owners Club
  • The Cadillac/LaSalle Owners Club
  • The Lincoln Owners Club
  • The Professional Car Society
  • Packards International
  • The Kaiser-Frazer Owners Club
  • Mid-America Appraisers Association
  • New England Appraisers Association

... and many others too numerous to list!

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